Choosing the right music for your Wedding

Let’s face it. The music and evening reception is one of the most important aspects of your big day. Of course we are going to be bias, but our love of music is the one of the only things that brings us all together, no matter your preference or taste in music. We’ve already shared an article on whether you should choose a Wedding DJ or a Band –, but below are some tips on music and playlists for your big day!


Ceremony music and walking down the aisle is a very personal thing, so we won’t delve too much into that, but it may be worth thinking about some form of entertainment for the period between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. It doesn’t just have to be music as other forms of entertainment work too, like a magician or performer. Check out our good friend Dan Brazier HERE… He is excellent at what he does!

With the music, often people have an acoustic act, a string quartet or a saxophonist to provide some atmosphere whilst people are enjoying reception drinks and nibbles after tying the knot. However, Wedding DJ sets aren’t just for the evening reception – we have previously provided chilled house and some Motown vibes for this part of the day and it works really well! Contact us here for more information on this –


We offer a meal-to-midnight service. Although background music of your choice will honestly suffice during the meal, a Wedding DJ or host can introduce you to the room for your Wedding breakfast with an intro song and really get the party started. Bringing in a song of your choice as you enter the room will really set the tone for the night and get your guests lively from the off!  We’ll be there from the afternoon, and it ensures there are no delays, and the day runs smoothly.

Interested in this? Contact us here for more information –

Evening Reception

With regards to the music, here at Future Media, we mix, are focused on good track selection, and we won’t just stand there and play a generic playlist. We will try to switch the music every 15-20 mins or so, so people are never too far from something that they like, and guests can have a great time regardless of their age. We will of course also take requests on the night, so when choosing your Wedding DJ or band – make sure that they are more than approachable and will happily play the requests – providing it’s in your remit and tastes.

Whether you are booking a band, Wedding DJ or alternative entertainment – Don’t forget about your guests! Your music needs to be accessible to all your guests, including friends and family. That’s why it’s good to switch it up every 15-20 minutes as said above.

If you did want to submit a playlist, we tend to suggest a playlist of 20-30 songs that you really want to hear, with maybe a few genres (Motown, 80s, country etc.) as this gives us freedom and an idea of what you and your guests like – without stifling the creativity of the DJ. Otherwise, what are you paying for?


You of course have to have the music that aligns with your preferences and needs, so you need to ensure you have the right DJ that plays YOUR MUSIC, whilst still retaining the personality of your wedding – check out our DJs HERE, and for more info on them and their music style, drop us a message.

You need enablers that are going to dance all night! This really helps with the atmosphere. These ‘enablers’ are often the bridesmaids or the groomsmen, so keep them happy and your other guests will love it when everyone else is having such a great time.

People are there for your wedding! The more they see you on the dance floor, the more they will get involved – so getting the music right for you is key.

See you on those dance floors!
By Mark Voisey
By Mark Voisey

Event Host / DJ

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