Karaoke is not only massive fun and terrific entertainment, but it is also a great way to bring you and your friends or colleagues closer together.

We provide great hosts and comperes to compliment our high quality equipment to ensure you have a great time no matter what the occasion or event.

We have a large selection of Karaoke tracks to choose from, ranging from the 1950’s to the modern day, so we cater for all ages and tastes. Our database is continuously being updated with the latest songs and we only ever use professional Karaoke backing tracks to make sure you enjoy your Karaoke experience. As well as this, we provide neat, easy-to-use Karaoke books in alphabetical order in both the song title and the artist; so the tracks you are looking for are easier to locate.

We not only offer Karaoke on a one-off, but also on a regular basis if required. This service is especially popular with pubs and bars where you’ll find us at The Apple & Parrot, Taunton every Sunday!

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information regarding this service and we shall be more than willing to help!