Sam Zimmermann

August 5, 2015 posted by admin

Sam has been a professional full time DJ for 13 years and since the age of 18 has regularly appeared in some of the biggest venues in and around the South West. Initially playing R&B and chart sets in pubs, he quickly progressed to club work where he is known for his vibrant Dance and R&B sets and has been proud to be associated with the successful Café Mambo Brand in Torquay, Exeter and Minehead.

Sam has an exceptional talent for mixing and has a strong interest in the production and creation of new music, and after working 4-5 nights a week in the highly popular Cafe Mambo, Torquay; where he performed in not only the club room but in the main room as well – He played regularly at the Q Club, Exmouth and Candyfloss, Torquay.

Sam still occasionally works around the bay, as well as other small bars around the area.