Mark Voisey

August 4, 2015 posted by admin

Mark has had a successful career as a DJ, creating a good reputation for not only being energetic and enthusiastic, but also for his mixing and microphone ability. He is extremely popular in a live environment and currently enjoys a number of lively residencies where he is able to combine his love of all genres of music with his flair for mixing.

Following an exciting year in LA Mark is looking to return to his favourite venues and pick up where he left off, Djing every Saturday night at Timepiece, Exeter and every Tuesday night at The Vaults, Exeter and regularly hosting karaoke nights.

As well as this, Mark is highly experienced in compering corporate parties and events and his versatility as a DJ makes him a terrific choice for weddings, parties and other special functions.

Mark loves the nightlife industry and currently leads on the Bars and Club’s side of Future Media… So if you¹re making a booking in relation to club Dj’s it is likely that you¹ll be speaking to him!