Bren F

July 14, 2016 posted by futuremedia

Bren F is a club DJ with over a decade of professional experience, holding residencies and playing in an impressive range of venues across the South West and abroad.

Whether playing an open format party set in Walkabout (Devon/Cornwall) or House music in Klub 360 (Bahrain), one thing is always clear during Bren’s performance; he “gets it”, with his great taste in music, impeccable mixing skills and above all his intuitive connection with the crowd, always tailoring the mix to the feeling of the room, with his high work ethic and creativity; Bren is a stand out where ever he plays.

Bren also invests much of his time in the studio; creating unique mashups and music video edits, many of which are available on the highly prestigious remix site Crooklyn Clan and VJ Pro respectively.

Specialising in music video mixing, Bren is able to add an extra dimension to the mix; this was proven to be very successful for Bren in Klub 360 (Bahrain), a venue divided by columns was greatly enhanced by offering guests a shared audio-visual experience.
Bren was highly involved in the launch of Klub 360 (2012-2013), a high end bottle service nightclub, which would see him DJ for the clubs launch night and remain resident for the following 16 months, playing to large multi-national crowds. 360 soon become the most successful nightclub in Bahrain, and launched official “Defected in the House” nights which would see Bren open for House music legends such as Simon Dunmore, Sandy Riviera And Junior Jack to name a few.

Bren currently works with Future Media on an ad-hoc basis, covering nights, as well as recently starting a new residency at Vaults, Exeter.