Nightlife & Hospitality

We have an unwavering passion for hospitality and the nightlife industry, and work with some of the best entertainment around to provide a first-class service to our clients.

Nightlife & Hospitality

As well as offering a premium service for Weddings and Corporate Events alike; we provide a dedicated service for Hospitality and the Nightlife scene.

We work alongside a number of DJs and entertainment with a large amount of experience and flair for the industry, and we have a number of acts with different styles, taste and qualities – which is why we are regularly used by a number of different and hugely popular venues. With our experience and friends in the industry; we can also help venues with events, social media management and advice on the venue’s current entertainment offering.

With the challenges facing the industry after 2020 and beyond, we remain committed to the industry, its recovery and growth.

See them in Action

See them in Action

See them in Action


Experienced, knowledgeable and elite DJs for the industry

The DJ is the life and soul of the party, where they have the ability to take you on an unforgettable music journey.

Combining their talent, music knowledge and experience – an exceptional DJ can be the difference between a great night and a largely forgettable one.

We focus on delivering first-class customer service and reliability, where DJs can be booked on a residency or ad-hoc basis – with the ability to cover a wide variety of musical genres and styles to fit your requirements.


Live Music and Acoustic Acts are really fantastic for the hospitality industry and can really differentiate your venue or a night.

Whether, you’re looking for something a little more chilled or livelier entertainment to get the party going, a professional live act can read the crowd and get a feel for what your guests want to hear. Just like our DJs, we tailor the entertainment dependent on the requirements to ensure it matches your needs and we advise on styles, equipment requirements and any costs associated with the acts.

Whether it be for background music for your restaurant or a pre-cursor to a Battle-of-the-Bands-esque night, we can help. Drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Acoustic & Live Entertainment

Hospitality and Music Consultancy

Consultants to the industry, daytime playlist curation and more

With your business or in your venue, everything you do or don’t do is marketing. From the way your staff greet customers and guests, to your music playlists in the day. Never underestimate the little things that really do make all of the difference.

It also isn’t just about the entertainment and at Future Media we understand this. Customer engagement and appreciation, when you post your social media updates, and your branding are all as important as ever; and they all contribute to the development and ultimately the success of your business. Using our experience and friends in the industry, we work with you to help you achieve your goals and enhance your customers’ experience. Services include but not limited to:

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