Band, or DJ? DJ, or Band? We know the dilemma that every couple face when tying the knot and preparing for the wedding reception. This short article should be able to give you some insight and provide you with the right information to encourage you to come to a decision.

What are the advantages of having a wedding DJ over live musicians or bands?”

DJs can be a little more versatile than band, due to the comprehensive music library they have to hold. Generally, as a wedding will be a mix of your friends and family, it’s important to have all bases covered and booking a DJ for your evening reception means that they will be able to quickly switch between genres and themes to ensure each one of your guests are never too far from something that they like. This is great for the flow of the party. However, there are A LOT of talented bands out there that cover a lot of genres and bring a lot of energy to their sets, and booking the right one can really make your wedding.

if you do book a band, ensure you book a DJ alongside the band as well, especially if you’ve only booked them for 2x 45 minute/1 hour sets. You want to ensure the rest of your night doesn’t disappoint with just a playlist on a speaker to fill the rest of the evening. Ultimately, you have to work out what your preference is and go for what you believe is the best for you and your guests on the day.

“What are the benefits of a wedding DJ’s ability to mix and transition between songs?”

This keeps the night flowing and ensure there is no silence. A good DJ should be able to seamlessly mix and cycle through genres throughout the evening, with little to no gaps during their set. This ensures the atmosphere is amazing throughout, and you have a party that no one will forget in a hurry! With bands… Due to the nature of live music, it’s natural that a band will want a break. However, it’s nice to have a little break between their sets to allow you to catch-up with friends and family, stop for food or go to the bar before their next set.

“Are there limitations to a wedding DJ’s ability to replicate live versions of songs?”

This is where bands really come into their own. The sound of the instruments and the way particular bands put together their repertoire will naturally sound great, and the minute the first song is played can really give your reception a lift off. Of course, DJs can play a live version and nothing ever sounds better than the original song and how it was intended to sound… Although, a band putting their own spin on it really makes it personable to your wedding day and this is especially great for your first dance, as it’s something you’ll really remember.

“The best of both worlds?”

The DJ & Sax combo is a great idea for your wedding. It combines the flexibility and practicality of the DJ, with the live music element of the saxophonist, to really bring the energy to your evening wedding reception (or daytime reception!). Saxophonists can and will play along to pretty much any genre, but it works particularly well with up-tempo dance and house music, where the DJ can mix live alongside to keep your guests lively and on their toes. It can create a really cool Ibiza vibe at your wedding and as your Sax player will inevitably want a break, it means that other genres can be played in the interim to keep all of your guests happy.

Little tip… The 80s were a great era for sax, so when booking your Sax and DJ make sure they can incorporate some of this into their sets. Tina Turner – The Best…. You’ll thank us later! Check out the video below…

By Mark Voisey
By Mark Voisey

Event Host / DJ

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