What kind of live act would suit your party?

April 6, 2017 posted by RobLindsey

So you’ve decided to book a live act for your party? Congratulations, that’s one big decision out of the way. Now it’s time for you to start thinking about what kind of live act would suit your party. There are many factors to take into consideration here, from the atmosphere and nature of your party to the individual tastes of the people attending. In short, you want a live act that is a good fit for your event. To make your decision process simpler, we’ve summarised your options and the types of events we think they would suit.

Big band

Big bands create a fantastic party energy in a room. Any quality big band will have impressive acoustics that will definitely get your guests onto the dance floor. So if you’re hoping for a dance party, booking a big band is a safe bet. A big band would also be ideal for a themed party, such as a 1920s or 1940s inspired vintage-themed party. If you are thinking about booking a big band, it’s also important to consider the size of your venue. A big band would suit a larger venue better as they require a lot of musicians and equipment, which will take up a lot of space. It’s also advisable to speak directly to the band leader before booking, rather than communicating purely through the band’s agent. This way you can make sure the band shares your vision for the event.

Solo singer

A solo singer would be perfect for a smaller, more intimate venue. There are a wide variety of singers who perform in a range of genres. Whether you prefer jazz, rock, pop or indie music, there will be a solo singer to suit you and your guests’ tastes. When booking a solo singer, it is important to decide whether you want someone who will just provide music in the background, or whether you want a charismatic performer who can command a room and provide entertainment for your guests. Again, it’s important to communicate directly with your chosen solo singer in order to get a sense of their performance style.


Hiring a magician is a great way to amuse your guests and create a light-hearted party atmosphere. If you are the sort of party host who worries about entertaining their guests, having a magician present to interact with people may ease your nerves a little. There is also a lot of choice, depending on what type of magician performance you would prefer. Magicians offer Cabaret performances, in which they take to a stage and performs for a large audience, as well as table hopping, where the magician performs to a table at a time. Or you can hire a mingling magician, who will also perform to small groups in a venue without dining tables.

Stand-up comedy

Similar to magicians, stand-up comedians create a joyful and relaxed atmosphere in the room. Hiring a stand-up comedy act for your party could also serve as a handy ice-breaker to help guests get to know each other and relax. When it comes to choosing the right stand-up comedian for your party, take into account your guests, the atmosphere you want and the nature of the event. For example, if you’re organising a corporate party in which colleagues bring their families, you might prefer to book a family-friendly comedian. Equally, if you’re organising an event for adults such as a stag party or hen do, you may want some adult humour to get your guests into the party mood.

Before making your final decision to hire any live act, try to track down a video of your chosen live act in action, so that you can get a feel for their style, set-lists and the atmosphere they create. This way you can guarantee that the act will be right for your party, and you can book with confidence knowing that they will deliver on your big day.

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