Trick or Treat! Top tips for a great Halloween Party!

October 12, 2016 posted by futuremedia

Historically originating from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween is now increasingly popular in a number of countries around the world. Now, perhaps it’s just an excuse to throw a party for the children, a community event and reason to dress up or to eat lots of great food. From carving and decorating pumpkins to apple bobbing, playing pranks and telling horror stories, it can be enjoyed by all. So, whatever your plans, we’ve got some top tips to ensure your Halloween party is a spook-tacular event!

  • Hosting area – Depending on how many guests and the space that is available, suitable places may be: your house, garden, a club building, a local park or a party-friendly room in a local restaurant.
  • Invitations – Get creative and have fun with this. For a low cost but effective invitation, simply print out ghost or witch cut-outs online. Ensure you include the time, place and date, and make it clear if you want your guests to dress up and wear spooky costumes so that they can prepare.
  • Entertainment – Keep some scary, or not-so-scary movies at hand, from Dracula and Frankenstein to Harry Potter. Make an upbeat playlist that people can dance too but also keeps with the Halloween theme by adding tracks like the Ghostbusters soundtrack or Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Depending on the size and scale of your party, a DJ can be a great form of continuous music for Halloween. At Future Media, all of our DJs dress to suit the occasion and are more than happy to take requests. Despite the scary costumes, they are always approachable to create a special atmosphere for any event and to ensure you and your guests enjoy themselves as much as they can. We also use top-of-the-range lighting to make sure we set the perfect spooky and dark atmosphere!
  • Halloween Treats – This needn’t be time consuming or costly. For instance, you can draw ghostly faces onto a white marshmallow, using an edible black pen, and place them on top of cupcakes for some simple ghost cakes. For the healthier option, peel clementines and place a mint leaf on the top to create mini, easy to eat sweet pumpkins for the children. For the perfect scary drink, try blood lemonade with floating teeth. Simply combine raspberries and lemonade, stir and strain, then add ice and jelly teeth sweets.
  • Decoration Ideas – Start from the outside, scaring your guests before they even enter and giving your trick or treaters a fright. Decorate your front door or porch entrance with carved pumpkins, make ghost scarecrows and try framing with garlands of dried corn and oak leaves. You can even turn it into a spider lair by cutting out black bin liners in the same way you make paper snowflakes. Rather than simply carving pumpkins, try decorating with all sorts of squashes. There’s a huge variety at this time of year, from the well-known butternut to the less common turks turban, carnival, Cinderella and spaghetti squashes that can be found in your local grocer or farm shop. Another way to create an inviting atmosphere and authentic autumnal feel is by placing tea lights in empty jam jars. Go the extra mile by anchoring them in place with black and orange jellybeans – simple, but really effective.

Well, we hope we’ve inspired you with some of our top tips to throw a Halloween party to remember. If you would like more information about any of our entertainment services or to discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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