June 14, 2016 posted by futuremedia

When planning your entertainment for your big day it’s important that you leave nothing to chance. The right music adds the perfect ambience to make your special day even more memorable. Here are just a few suggestions that will help shape your wedding entertainment.

  • Communicate: we advise one or two discussions before your wedding to let the DJ know the kind of music you expect to hear. We would also like to know if there are any songs or genre’s you are not comfortable with, as we wouldn’t want to play a song that reminds you of your ex or brings up a sad memory. You may be tempted to just tell the DJ something general like “ just play music from the 80’s” but it would be better if you both sit down and discuss songs you absolutely want to hear while still leaving room for spontaneity. If for any reason this pre-wedding meeting cannot take place in person then a friendly e-chat via skype will do.
  • Chill a little: Though we suggest giving a list of absolute must haves and songs to be avoided it’s also necessary to allow a DJ go with the flow. DJs have experience in creating the right ambience with music and you must trust us to work our magic at your event. Asking for a play list of every song that will be played doesn’t quite work as depending on the crowd the DJ may decide to go in a particular direction.
  • Let the guests join in: A fun way of getting your guests involved is by giving a little time towards the end of the event for them to request their own songs. This will make them feel really involved and who knows they may think up something really awesome! Another way to get the guests involved is by having an actual Karaoke session. This way not only will guests choose songs but will loosen up and have fun as everyone sings along.

At Future Media we are passionate about events and work closely with our clients to ensure we exceed their expectations. To find out more information or to have an in- depth chat about our special wedding packages and our DJs… Contact Us!

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