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Planning your Corporate Event

July 13, 2016 posted by futuremedia

Apart from our great wedding packages, Future Media can also provide entertainment for an awesome corporate event. Here are 5 of some of our tips to make sure whatever sort of corporate event you have planned – it ends up being a resounding success.

Theme time- First of all you need to come up with a theme for whatever the event. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or a summer barbecue a theme helps give everyone something to look forward to and helps with event planning as it sets the tone for everything else.

Fix a budget- When you fail to plan then you will easily over spend. Make sure you have a realistic budget to work with and try to stick with it.

Entertainment- The type of corporate event you are planning will determine the form of entertainment. For a serious event music in the background may be appropriate while a DJ would fit in for something more relaxed or fun. At Future Media we have a wide range of options for you ranging from live acts to a DJ. Whatever your budget we will try our best to make sure your guests and colleagues are well entertained.

Venues- If your office is not large enough or appropriate to host the event then make sure you find a place with the right ambience as the wrong venue can mar an otherwise perfect event. Ensure you find out if the venue comes with décor and if not make room for décor in your budget.

Plan the food- Whether you choose to serve just cocktails or something a bit more it is important that you have the right refreshments for your guests. Remember that some people may avoid certain food for religious or health reasons so it is better to have more options available or make the refreshments as simple as possible.

Prepare and send out a guest list- When planning a corporate event which includes people outside your office you could easily miss someone out. Avoid forgetting important people by making sure you prepare a guest list and sending out invites well ahead of time also this will enable you know how many guests can actually make it.

Remember whatever event you are planning, Future Media has got you covered!

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