Party Planning Hacks

February 3, 2017 posted by futuremedia

Here are our top tips that will make party planning a party in itself!

Planning Apps

  • Digital planners are easy to use, you can take them anywhere and they are easily customizable. Plus, they also offer other insights and suggestions for party planning.
  • Evernote is the perfect app, to help you stay organised. It allows you to keep all your info in one convenient place, whether it be images, text, even entire web pages. You can even subdivide everything into categories with the use of tags; party planning couldn’t be easier!

Start Planning Early

  • Big events like a company-wide corporate event or a wedding requires months of advance planning. The choice of venue, food and entertainment are just some of the main considerations to get thinking about months before the event.

Finding Creative Inspiration

  • For me, the best place for creative inspiration has to be Pinterest! I could spend hours on there, without even realising the time has passed. It has become an increasingly popular social network for collecting and sharing images and photos. With so many ideas, from décor to design and themes, it’s the perfect place for inspiration for your next event.

Digital Invitations

  • Today, in our highly digitalised word, hard copy invitations are a little out-dated. Don’t get me wrong, I still love receiving something in the post (when it isn’t a water or electric bill!) but trust me, the way to get people to respond quickly is to send digital invitations.
  • Why not try the ‘Hobnob’ app, which allows you to create stunning invites and send them through text, meaning you can easily manage your guests – and it’s completely free. Your guests don’t have to have the app and with so many fantastic designs, unique imagery and typography, you get to be an instant designer. For details visit:
  • Paperless Post is another great platform for sending invites, with a huge variety of designs to choose from. Visit:

Leverage Social Media

  • This is a must! It’s a good idea to a create an event group so you can inform guests or visitors of any changes. Facebook and other social media platforms are great ways to advertise events too.
  • Equally, use status updates to announce details that will help generate excitement about the upcoming event. Get people involved on your Facebook wall by asking and answering questions about the event, introducing speakers, and tagging pictures with attendees or people of note.

DJ Entertainment

  • The perfect crowd-pleasing entertainment for your party. Sometimes it can be stressful planning the music and making the right playlist, so why not hire a DJ so you can sit back and relax, enjoying the party too and knowing no Spotify ads are going to ruin the vibe. Here at Future Media, we offer high quality services including DJs, Entertainment and Sound & Lighting for a variety of different event – whatever your party theme! Covering many areas in Devon and Somerset, including Exeter, Taunton, Torquay and the surrounding areas, we offer excellent service. We promise to get the best out of your party or event!

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