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July 11, 2016 posted by futuremedia

Having fun at your wedding party or hen night is easy with Future Media. A great way to spice things up and get everyone involved is by having a Karaoke party. Let us give you a few easy tips to get you and your guests rocking!

Venue: You need to choose a venue that’s accessible for everyone. Think of easy parking and all of that. Pubs are especially popular for Karaoke parties and have just the right ambience. Wherever you choose to host your event, Future Media will bring the music and ensure your Karaoke party is great!

Lucky Dip: Guests may be a bit shy to be the first to sing. A very cool way of breaking the ice and getting everyone on their feet is by passing a hat round with guest’s names and songs. Whoever’s name gets picked has to perform that song and then later on choose a song on their own.

Inclusive song list: When sending out invites to your friends you can ask them to send a song back with their rsvp. It’s a great way to make them look forward to hearing and singing along to their favourite song.

The More Guests the Merrier: For a Karaoke party try and be a bit generous with numbers, as having just 2 or 3 guests may be a bit boring. While you don’t want a crowd a good number of different people will be sure to set the right atmosphere for such an interactive party.

Have a theme: This is especially a great idea for a hen night, have your girlfriends dress up as their best musicians. This will add some spice to the event and look great in the picture as well.

Picture perfect: Finally, make sure you have good photography to capture all the fun and excitement.

At Future Media we are passionate about events and have great hosts, comperes and loads of tracks to make sure your karaoke party is tons of fun. To find out more information or to have an in-depth chat about our services Contact Us!

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