Questions to ask a DJ agency before hiring them

June 9, 2017 posted by RobLindsey

We work hard to maintain our reputation as a leading DJ agency. Devon based DJs are easy to find but how do you know who to go with? Even if a DJ does have a great reputation, how do you know they’re going to work for you? Our solution is simple. We always encourage new customers to come to us with lots of questions before they book. Here’s a handy list of example questions we often get asked.

1. How do you customise the music experience to your clients?

One size doesn’t fit all so this is a good way to see how the DJ agency will tailor the music to your event.

2. How do you get the crowd going?

No one wants a desolate dance floor at their party so any experienced DJ should be able to answer this question.

3. Do you take song requests?

Be sure to ask this question to avoid any disappointment!

4. What kind of events have you played in the past?

For any DJ agency, Devon is a brilliant place to work and most will have had the opportunity to play at various weddings, nightclubs and corporate events. Find out if they have any particularly interesting events in the bag that make them stand out.

5. Do you have any references? Can I see them?

A professional DJ agency should have references to back up their claims.

6. Can I hear some examples of you mixing different tracks? Or can I see you at a booking?

As a passionate DJ agency, we’re always happy to show off our amazing work.

7. Do you have all the required equipment? And do you have back up?

This is something that can make or break your event.

8. Will you set it all up? How long does setup usually take?

Logistics cannot be overlooked, particularly if your DJ will need to travel far to your event.

9. Have you played at our chosen venue before?

Talented DJs can adapt to different locations, but hiring a DJ who has already played at your venue is an extra advantage.

10. How much do you charge?

An agency that is transparent about their rates is a must.

11. Do you provide a written contract?

Having everything in writing is a recipe for a smooth sailing event.

12. Why should I choose you? What makes you the best DJ agency Devon has to offer?

As a premier entertainment company passionate about entertainment, we strive to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them as well!

We are very proud to be able to answer this question with confidence. If you want to hear more about why we’re the best DJ agency for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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