February 8, 2016 posted by admin

Organising a wedding can be pretty demanding right? You’ve got to decide on a large number of things… Including; the type of ceremony; the venue for the evening reception; the flowers; the food; how many guests you invite… The list goes on. However, quite often is the case where the DJ or Disco is the last thing everyone or anyone thinks about. Granted there are a lot of things to decide on but ultimately your evening reception is one of the most important parts of the day. 

As people have spent the majority of their budget on other aspects of the wedding, the evening entertainment is more often than not forgotten about and a small budget for it is the outcome, potentially sacrificing quality and professionalism for the sake of a few extra pounds.

When booking your DJ, you should be getting a booking agreement as standard and meet them at least once. Check the website and have a look at their packages, if the website is unprofessional then it is more than likely that they are too… Be weary!

Future Media offer a range of packages and top-quality, professional DJs for your big day so be sure to check out the packages on our dedicated wedding page here. Here you’ll find a few packages that may suit your requirements… Remember just because a certain package is more expensive than the other one, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most suitable for your reception. To find out more information or to have an in-depth chat about our wedding packages and our DJs, be sure to Contact Us!

I’ll leave you with this thought… Not only are your family and closest friends coming to your wedding but your other friends and guests are going to be attending as well. Leave a lasting impression on them by thinking about the evening entertainment a little more and ensuring it is as good as it possibly can be!

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