Scott Tuffnell

August 4, 2015 posted by admin

At 29, Scott is still regarded as a young DJ by some. However due to the large amount of night venues he has worked at; his CV speaks volumes about his ability as a DJ. Scott is a highly talented and highly capable individual and prides himself on his mixing and music production ability. With Radio 1 DJ ‘Jaguar Skillz’ being one of his biggest influences, Scott creates completely unique and original mash ups and mixes, which he incorporates into his sets.

Having been taught by a late great, Scott began to DJ at the age of 17 and has developed into a full-fledged Club DJ. Having worked at some of the biggest venues in the South West, such as Oceana and Enigma in Newton Abbot; he currently holds a residency at the hugely popular Venue Nightclub in Torquay which he has held for the past few years. With a promising career in the recruitment industry, Scott has relocated to London but continues to perform in Devon and Somerset and has also started to DJ in London. Despite his love for Dance music, Scott¹s versatility has enabled him to work in Pubs and Bars around the area, which shows his ability to cater for a wider and more diverse audience.