Mitch Lange

August 4, 2015 posted by admin

Mitch actually started DJing at a young age… Following his Dad around helping him set up mobile events in and around the Birmingham area before moving down to Devon. Despite only being 28, Mitch has a large amount of experience in DJing parties and weddings.

Mitch’s great likability, cheeky sense of humour and his willingness to go the extra mile make him a perfect choice for Weddings, Parties and Corporate events. He occasionally dabbles in the nightlife industry, where one of his goals is to move fully into this market after briefly holding a residency at the trendy SOHO bar in Torquay. Great on the microphone, as well as reading a crowd – Alongside Duncan, Mitch is one of our first choice DJs for events. Some of his interests include American Football, music in general and whitening his teeth (but don’t tell him we said that!!!).